Kiss Under the Heaven

28 Nov 2020
Kiss Under the Heaven
Posted by: AG Vacation

If there was a textbook description of paradise, the definition would certainly describe “Maldives” in it. The country of Maldives consists of a chain of coral islands that consists of amazing lush green vegetation, picturesque sceneries and the heavenly-looking white sand on the beaches. In the Maldives, you can relax your feet in the white-sand beaches, hearing the beautiful colliding magical sound of the waves under a starry sky while enjoying the most delightful food on the table. Newlywed couples have given higher ratings to the exotic and world-class Maldives resorts, so you must consider the Maldives in your travel destinations list.

Here we have put together a list of 8 exotic Maldives Resorts for your honeymoon so that you start the journey after taking auspicious vows in the most romantic place of Earth – the Maldives- that does romance with your heart and soul.

Come to the Maldives for Drowning in its Scenic Beauty

The Four Seasons Maldives offers its customers with a personalized and excellent service, giving a perfect striking indoor and outdoor balance, an exclusive private deck with a private side pool for the couple to enjoy a perfect sunset. We also have a spa, whose masseuses ensure that you get the most soothing and relaxing spa treatments that will help you in loosening a bit in the open blue skies, where you cannot do anything but relax, stroll and chill with your partner in this exotic Maldives vacation spot.

Soft White-Sand Beach is to Watch Out For in the Maldives

Cocoa Island by COMO is an underestimated island, which offers extraordinary and spectacular places for the snorkeling excursion activity, oceanic swimming and the resort is neighbored by a turquoise lagoon filled with rich sea-life of house reefs. Cocoa Island by COMO promises to give you a grandiose treatment along with peacefulness, super exclusive treatment and an opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports. The rooms of the Villas are made of glass, which provides the most splendid hypnotic view of soft white-sand and blueness of the Maldives – that gives a satisfying feeling to the visitors, which put them in their best mood during their honeymoon.

A Great Sunset View at Maldivian Beach is an Exquisite Treat

It is said that humans are made in pairs, so the bond that you have with your partner is made in heaven.  In the Maldives, honeymooners should choose a place to enjoy the initial days of their lives in a peaceful, pleasant and quiet place like Jumeirah Vittaveli. The resort offers a villa with a five-bedroom with an exquisite water pool and a perfect outdoor area attached to the private white sand beach of the serene crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean – to enjoy a soothing sunset with your partner.

Come to Admire the Blueness of the Maldives, Where Sky and Oceans Hypnotize

Mirihi Island is spread near the beautiful warm waters of the azure Indian Ocean, combining traditional and modern elements. For coupling, the Mirihi Island resort is the most enchanting tropical dream island. It would be so picturesque to stroll with your partner on the beach of the Island, holding each other’s hand and promising to keep it for eternity.

The Maldives is a Perfect Escape from Chaos and Monotony of Everyday Life

Conrad Maldives Rangali is a perfect escape from the monotony and chaos of everyday life, where couples rest in each other’s arms refreshing their love and invigorating the loveliness of their relationship. It is also a perfect place for the newlyweds to spend the first days of their wedding in the luxurious and sumptuous Conrad Maldives hotel resort at Rangali Island.

Enjoy a Dreamy Honeymoon at Luxury, Rustic-Chic Styled, and Marine-Inspired Maldivian Resort

What does a couple of dreams to be present on the honeymoon?

The right answer would be an exotic Maldives vacation spot, which is a touch of paradise on the Earth. Peace, romantic sunsets, private swimming pools, exotic outdoor area, intimate setting of the private room, the strong bond and the freshness all around is dreamt by everyone – which is filled by the Soneva Fushi Resort. All the newlywed couples are given exclusive treatment and special offers so that honeymooners feel love all around them.

Take a Delight in the Stranded Paradise of Maldives

With the ocean at your doorstep at the Cheval Blanc Randheli, you enter the undeniably divine space. The travelers reach the luxury resort by the seaplane from the airport of Male. The villas of the resort reflect the contemporary and modern artwork, giving an awesome feeling to the guests who live a local and traditional life of Maldivian in the initial auspicious days of their lives – to be remembered for their lifetime. It is a hot exotic Maldives vacation spot, which is rated highly by the couples and newlyweds.

Experience Enchanting Barefoot Honeymoon at the Maldives

This spectacular resort, set on a tropical island of palm trees on the 600-KM long territory, offers the visitors a luxurious, enchanting and glorious stay at their resort. All the couples are given plenty of private time by the hotel managers and offered sacred pure services of love by the staff that increases the holiday enthusiasm of the honeymooners. The resort also plans a bundle of joyous activities for the honeymooners to enjoy, or else they can also simply reside in their sumptuous villa and enjoy each other.

These are one of the most gorgeous, sumptuous, affordable, luxurious and exotic maldives resorts, who offer special offers and exclusive treatment to the honeymooners.