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Finally, here you are, locked in and prepared to tie the knot with the love of your life. That sounds extremely invigorating until you meet a definitive number of couples getting married & are in the planning stage. We've heard accounts of ladies to-be normally getting overwhelmed with their wedding arrangements.

Where would it be a good idea for us to hold our wedding? What number of visitors would it be a good idea for me to welcome? What should be our color plans and decorative layouts for the much anticipated day? What's the ideal wedding dress for me? Which seller should I hire first? For what reason is this so difficult to do? Gosh! I simply want to get married!

While the common bride stories sound somewhat alarming, preparing for your wedding is more charming than a great many people's thought processes. Everything necessary is shrewd arrangements and the right information to use sound judgment. To assist you with your arranging obligations, we are here to share tips on the best way to put together and partake in your dreamy fairytale wedding. You just need to make a choice.

Services that we offer:

  • Pre wedding event decoration & party organization
  • Destination wedding planning & venue selection
  • Entertainment activities for wedding guests
  • Wedding décor and design services
  • Event flow management
  • Wedding guest’s management
  • Food and beverages services
  • Wedding invitation & other communication services
  • Transport & logistics management
  • Styling & personal shopper
  • Vendor Management
  • Wedding Gifting Solutions
  • Other wedding solutions

How we plan your wedding?

  • We pay attention to every minute detail.
  • We monitor the wedding suppliers who get you and your vision for your wedding
  • Dream big, take as much time as is needed in planning, and we’ll guide you.
  • We make your wedding feel more private and welcoming

Services Which You Can Plan

Destination Wedding

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Theme Decors

Grand Set-ups

just pick the ideal location for your destination wedding: We make it real

Indian weddings are a staggering undertaking and to have a destination wedding in specific regions of India gives an outlandish feel while giving you full value for your money. While places like Goa and Agra are threadbare, here are a few spots where you can have the destination wedding of your dreams.

Just name it, we’ll make it real for you…. We leave no stone unturned to make your dream wedding a reality…

  1. So you want to have a royal wedding?
  2. Look no farther than Rajasthan, where you can browse one of the great backgrounds of palaces and lakes in Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer. The Neemrana Fort Palace, Umaid Bhawan, Lebua Resort, and Shiv Vilas are probably the most blazing spot to have a destination wedding in India.

    Get in touch with our experts and they will guide you…

  3. If you are hoping for an extravagant beach wedding
  4. A definitive party destination!!! If you are planning for an extravagant beach wedding, this is the spot to be. Whether you might simply want to trade rings near the ocean side or have a traditional wedding with much show, the beaches can take care of both of these with style. The visitors can partake in the peaceful environment and the beautiful areas while the couple can look at the dawn keeping in mind the desire for an ideal and blissful marriage. Romance is in the air in Goa. So pick luxury hotels with confined beaches or go for a personal garden wedding and treasure this event for a lifetime.

    We will make sure you have a fabulous beach wedding…

  5. Let's assume ‘I do’ before the monument of Love
  6. What could be more romantic than talking about "I do" before the monument of love - Taj Mahal? This spot is an observer to the undying love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his better half Mumtaz Mahal and presently would be an observer to yours also. Love is surrounding you when you are in Agra and henceforth fills in as an ideal location for exchanging vows. It has an old-world appeal yet accommodates an extravagant, stand-out wedding experience. Agra additionally brags numerous exotic venues for terrific destination weddings.

    Let’s help you to get hitched before the monument of love… and we are not kidding…

Why us?

Gone are the days when a wedding was overseen by a couple of family members. Presently, the visitors and the hosts accept the open door of a Destination wedding and put stock in making some affair memories with the close ones for a few days. In any case, destination weddings are difficult to make due. Hotel booking, searching for merchants, RSVP, logistics, the executives, coordinating specialists are all we need to fit in the spending plan. So here a wedding organizer comes into the picture. As a wedding organizer, we will assist you with:

A stress-free wedding that a couple can truly enjoy!

Wedding planning according to your preferences and budget

Hotel rates, decorators, florists, DJs, etc.

The way to say ‘I really do’ can be essentially as dreamy and fantastic as it sounds….with us…

We’re here! Start planning for your Destination Wedding today!

As you start your journey of marriage, we guarantee that we change your creative mind of a dream wedding into a breathtaking occasion. Organizing everything about artfulness, we make a dumbfounding wedding of your choice- lavish, royal or traditional; you think about it and we get it going.

AgVacation explores every possibility, from fixing scenes to planning stylistic themes to arranging a noteworthy wedding experience!

We know that planning a destination wedding all by yourself can be hectic. This is the reason we are here to assist you with arranging your ideal day from up until this point away.

Whenever you book a wedding through AgVacation, you are ensured a first-class wedding planner who will be your resource for everything paving the way to the occasion and the day of- accommodations, flowers, music, coordination, and so forth discover our famous customized wedding packages or end up calling us, our wedding organizer will be in contact to alter your ideal destination wedding venue.

Have a happy dreamy fairytale wedding! This is your day!

Wedding Planning Services

Vendors Management
Shortlist & save all your favorite vendors at one place.
Budget Management
Track every rupee spent. When? Where? How?
Guest Management
Manage and take care of your guests with guest manager.
Catering Management
Stay organized on the wedding timeline.
Event Management
Create event time-table to plan out details.
Invitation Management
Send e-invites and keep your guests updated.

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